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Alco Doors provides a versatile selection of unit entry, commercial and hospitality doors, frames and hardware. We provide a full line of quality custom and standard hollow metal doors & frames, suitable for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, educational and healthcare market.

Our line includes common-area doors to Electrical and other rooms and hardware like knobs, keys, locks, hinges and more. We offer brands like CECO doors and Hager Hardware.

The experienced estimators at Alco Doors will price per plans and specs but will also provide a value engineered option.


Generally solid wood interior doors are six panel pine, but interior wood doors can be constructed from softwoods and/or hardwoods, such as mahogany, cherry, alder, maple, oak and pine.

Composite Wood

Composite wood doors are virtually identical to real wood doors, but are far stronger and more durable. One great advantage is affordability, as composite doors cost less than their solid wood counterparts.


Often the most affordable choice is a hardboard interior door. The hardboard is a fairly soft material, but is usually covered with a hard-baked paint. Hardboard doors can be molded with the look of natural wood grain.


Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made from recycled wood fiber and resin. MDF doors come in a variety of styles and are easier to paint than wood doors due to its smooth surface.

The leader in Pre-Hung Doors, Moldings and Door Hardware for Multi-Family, Hospitality, and Student Housing.

We are the leading manufacturing and distributing wholesaler of residential pre-hung door systems and related products for the high rise, multi-family and residential construction throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Nationwide for the hospitality industry.

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Below are the Interior Doors products we carry at ALCO Doors.
We carry a wide variety of interior and exterior building supplies for any project!

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